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Established in January of 2015, Shitty Wine Blog is a parody wine review account. As an avid shitty wine “expert”, I have fun drinking wine and relating my experiences to others. I plan on adding video and podcast content. Thank you for visiting!

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Sho Chiku Bai Nigori 

Sho Chiku Bai Nigori  $6.65 The rain has been dampening my sunny spirits. On dreary days like today, I like to pretend I am having a fancy/pinkies-up dinner date… so!!! I went to the grocery store and bought sushi and sake. Oh boy. What a treat… Grocery-store-sushi is risky business. I am not usually a…

Z. Alexander Brown Uncaged Red Blend

Z. Alexander Brown Uncaged Red Blend $8.98 The wine has an unappealingly purple appearance, like a zombified Cheshire cat. I frowned as I inspected the wine. My initial feelings were hesitant, considering owls should always be uncaged – one should not feel superior for what I assumed is a default/general cage-less. Only weirdos and rich…


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