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Established in January of 2015, Shitty Wine Blog is a parody wine review account. As an avid shitty wine “expert”, I have fun drinking wine and relating my experiences to others. I plan on adding video and podcast content. Thank you for visiting!

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Meridian Vineyards Buttery Chardonnay

Meridian Vineyards Buttery Chardonnay $4.43 New rule: If you’re going to purchase a $4 bottle of wine, don’t even bother with a glass. Drink that shit straight from the bottle. Nothing matters! It’s going to be terrible. There’s no need for filters or aerating. The taste will not be improved upon. Your pinky will not…

Sho Chiku Bai Nigori 

Sho Chiku Bai Nigori  $6.65 The rain has been dampening my sunny spirits. On dreary days like today, I like to pretend I am having a fancy/pinkies-up dinner date… so!!! I went to the grocery store and bought sushi and sake. Oh boy. What a treat… Grocery-store-sushi is risky business. I am not usually a…


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