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Hello, there! I’m Brittany. Welcome to my shitty wine blog. I decided to call it Shitty Wine Blog! Thank you so much for coming to my site. :

I love wine in general. As a millennial with student loan debt, I do my best to keep a tight budget. This includes being mindful of the wine I purchase. Not all cheap wine is bad wine, but it is fun to write about. 

Please enjoy the cheap, shitty wine reviews. I started this blog in 2015, and I’m so grateful for all my readers along the way. If you want to be extra supportive, head over to the Patreon for bonus content. 

Feel free to Follow me on Facebook, Tweet at me (with me?), or stalk these shitty wine photos on Instagram. Also, if you’re a designer and want to design shit for me, drop a note for me at

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