Sho Chiku Bai Nigori 

Sho Chiku Bai Nigori 


The rain has been dampening my sunny spirits. On dreary days like today, I like to pretend I am having a fancy/pinkies-up dinner date… so!!! I went to the grocery store and bought sushi and sake. Oh boy. What a treat…

Grocery-store-sushi is risky business. I am not usually a fan. Sometimes, you need to fill the void with raw fish and rice. It was really a pitiful excuse to buy sake. (I recently reviewed this sake for my Patreon! Check out the full review here!)

They skimped on the ginger. I am deeply saddened. The wasabi, meanwhile, sits like a fluffy green nightmare creature, waiting to pounce. I mixed it with some generic soy sauce. The spicy tuna roll is… fine… most likely because the orange sauce blasts any other flavors away from tainting one’s tongue. The chef’s special, on the other hand, aggressively destroyed my tastebuds. This kind of distaste, with thick cubes of processed cream cheese and translucent fish, is something I powered through with each bite. I ate all of it, for even pre-made sushi has been hit by inflation. This was still a little too ‘xpensive. Hopefully it won’t ruin my stomach – I HAVE TO WORK TONIGHT.

On to the sake –

It has a stiff, milky smell. Don’t let that deter you. This sake has a creamy start, with a satisfying bite. Unfiltered sake is best sake, and goddamnit – I love this cheap sake. I have almost forgotten the mashed sushi residue sitting in my mouth. Swirling sweetness washes away all the bad. Despite the chalky chunks, I am reclining on the clouds in Olympus, drinking ambrosia of the gods. Oh, what wonderful nectar.

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