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Mezzacorona – Pinot Grigio – aka I-Forgot-This-Wine-Was-in-My-Fridge Wine


Pinot Grigio


This wine has been in the back of my refrigerator for an indeterminate amount of time. It has survived at least two power outages, with its twist-off top and nuclear color. This wine has no fear, which gives me every reason to fear it. I’ve been avoiding this day. I’m surprised dust didn’t blow into my face when I opened the bottle. I’m reminded of the leftover scented candles at Target. Pine frost and funky fruit salad. I swirled my glass and pinched my nose.

It smells worse than it tastes. Unfortunately, it’s not great. Piss water with a honeysuckle buzz. It tapers into a flatter finish, with sour afternotes. Not great for this rainy day. I imagine it goes down easy on a hot day when you’re already drunk and no longer care what goes in your mouth. My standards aren’t high and this wine isn’t elevated, but I’ve had worse. Don’t take this as an endorsement. I can’t get the sticky aftertaste out of my mouth, and I’m worried I’m about to draw flies.

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