Cooper & Thief Cellarmasters – Red Wine Blend

Cooper & Thief Cellarmasters

Red Blend

Price: $28*

Holy bourbon barrel, Batman.

This wine is the best kind of dangerous beast. 16% abv and deliciously rouge. It’s a glitter bomb of booze, embroiled in whiskey. The male gaze, personified (wine-ified?), it’s all smoke and leather. Cigars and cured meats. A roguish personality that makes you want more, despite the red flags and unfettered charisma.

Finally – a wine that is DTF. The vanilla bean glaze gets a drunken applause from me. Consider me charmed. I’m left in a sloshy haze, enjoying the lingering gasoline fumes. The toastiest of reds, it’s all I’ve ever wanted from a tantalizing blend.

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