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Witches Brew


The most wicked of all wines, Witches Brew has a soft spot in my heart. I’m quite biased, as it hails from Michigan and I could not find it in California. After years of yearning, I saw a bottle of it in Los Angeles. Did my eyes deceive me? Could this be a West Coast rip off? I checked the label… it is the wine of my yesteryear! I cheered at the store and immediately bought a bottle. As I walked home, a creeping thought wriggled into my brain. What if this wine wasn’t good, actually? I worried my memories were false… that the famous brew I long admired didn’t hold up. I’ve had a lot of terrible wine, winos, and I don’t need to add an old favorite to the trail of garbage I’ve consumed.

I took one look at the twist-off top and felt relieved. Stamped with an encouraging “Drink Up Witches,” I spun off the top and poured a hefty glass. The spooky smells blasted into my face, exactly as I remembered. My fears were completely unwarranted. This wine is absolutely fantastic. An autumn delight – not offensively spiced. A blend of crunchy leaves, blistering fires and whispery fog, it comes pre-mulled and prepared for the season. There’s a bit of a boozy aftertaste – a reminder not to wildly chug the wine*. I can’t get enough of it. Take this anywhere and everywhere – it’s a perfect wine for fall and winter tidings. I want to fly off into the night, guided only by moonlight and stars. Emboldening flavors and the fuzzy warmth provide a high most wines can hardly reach. If I could swim in this wine, I would. Best consumed on a chilly night or inside a haunted house.

*I did, in fact, wildly chug the wine. No regrets.

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