Carmenet Reserve – Chardonnay

Carmenet Reserve





…… I was not in the mood to drink this wine. I ate too much pizza, and chardonnay isn’t my favorite. Wine is getting expensive – even the bottom shelf garbage is pushing $10/bottle*… yet the quality remains cheap. What gives**? I am grumpy about the wine costs. I am grumpy about this chardonnay. The label comes off as judgmental, sarcastically assuring drinkers that it’s perfectly acceptable to drink this bottle of wine on your own. I don’t like mean-spirited wine.

Smells like vodka-soaked apples left out for a party, but it’s 5 am and they made everybody barf. A little puckery, like a spiked pear juice. Not as bad as I’d expected. It was described as a “burgundy” chardonnay, and I heartily agree. There are hints of charcoal, sage, and lilac, as if its warding off bad vibes. It may be a little rugged on the surface. Rough around the edges. Grumpy. A firm mattress, with wine stains and broken springs. I am ready for winter.

**rhetorical question

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