19 Crimes – Cali Red Blend – AKA Wine and Weed Wednesday

19 Crimes

Cali Red Blend


Hello, fellow winos! I hope everyone is having a decent week. Today is a very special day in my heart… for today is Wine and Weed Wednesday.

What is Wine and Weed Wednesday, you may ask? It’s pretty straight forward, but I’ll make it super easy for everybody.

Do you have wine? Do you have weed? Is it Wednesday?

If the answer is “yes” to all three questions, Wine and Weed Wednesday is the day for you. I usually do this for my patrons, but I’m bringing it to the open internet today. Am I stoned? Yes. Am I drunk? Also, yes. Do I care? No*!

Anyway, on to the wine!

It smells like a room that hasn’t been opened in years. Musty curtains, lingering dust. Velvet, earthy notes. None of this is bad. I’m curious to explore further. Storybook wandering with a tinkering music box amplifying an empty husk of a once-vibrant palace. Did I have a fever dream to the Anastasia movie? Or am I on my own personal journey, as I begin to sip this wine and stumble through the past?

It’s official. Snoop Dogg’s wine is legit. I had the rosé and loved it. I had this red blend, and also loved it.

Good for a misty morning buzz, paired with fluffy Sativa nuggets. Take a rowboat ride or a nature walk. Sit in the park or on a balcony. Take in the last warmth of summer, as sparkles of sunlight fade into night. A blend for any occasion.

Leaves an ashen taste in my mouth, but that’s probably the weed. Puff, puff, pass this wine around with the ones you love. It’s worth the extra dollars.

*To future/potential employers, I do things like smoke weed for internet points. Don’t hate the player, hate the algorithm.

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