The Wonderful Wine Co. – Cabernet Sauvignon

The Wonderful Wine Co.

Cabernet Sauvignon

$3.99 (?)

Another day, another cabernet.

I had mixed feelings when I selected this bottle. The label is extraordinarily busy (see below), riddled with a shitload of words and arguably TMI. However, the words invited me to have a glass – and, to have another! How can an invitation to drink be bad? My pet peeve with wine is when it tries too hard, and this bottle is throwing itself at the world.

The cork looked weathered and cracked. I found myself yearning for a twist-off top. If a wine costs less than $5, it should have a twist-off top by default. My fear was unfounded and the cork popped from the bottle with ease. It even made the satisfying pop sound.

Scary smells of mountain smoke and glinting obsidian. Overwhelmingly peppery. Maybe this is why the bottle had a friendly exterior. Its true contents are more sinister. A deceptive trap for optimists and hippies. Abandon all hope, ye who drink this wine.

Expectations subverted – the flavors are mild in comparison. The woodsy tastes remain, albeit dialed back. A crimson wave mellows out into a nutty, splendid medley. Nutty and spiritual. Spunky. Dries out the mouth like licking a tree.

Lessons were learned. The barky smell is much worse than its bite. An enjoyable, textured wine.

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