Barefoot – Bright & Breezy – Pinot Grigio


Bright & Breezy – Pinot Grigio


70 Calories! But how?!

I went low-cal and twist-off-top for this shit. Good grief, it was not worth it.

Clear as tap water. Looks like the color of rain pattering on a lake’s surface. Fun to swirl in the cheap, plastic glass. It reminds me of my first alcoholic beverage – peach schnapps mixed with… something amateur and dreadful. I can’t imagine this wine tastes worse than my first cocktail concoction. They definitely smell the same.

It’s… a fine wine. As in, it’s fine. You’re better off drinking White Claw, in my opinion, or any other $5 bottle of wine. Avoid the headache that surfs directly from the glass into your brain. Peach fuzz left out too long. Bubblegum fizz with a figgy bite. This wine belongs at a race track, with foppish hats and snooty old people. It might provide relief for a sunburn. Sandy aftertaste. I barely finished the glass. Overall, not my jam.

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