Rain Cloud Red Blend

Rain Cloud

Red Blend


I was drawn to the burgundy wine the way I’m drawn to a mahogany table. I want to admire something fancy… something unlike the pile of Ikea furniture I’ve accumulated. I’ve been yearning for rain in Los Angeles. This bottle teased the notion that water exists, and sometimes it does fall from above. How I miss the clouds in the blue, barren sky. It’s 92 degrees at the moment. I suspect I will have to wait a little longer.

Berry-forward. Dusky vibes. Not an unpleasant beginning. Promising. Hopeful. Unfortunately, the aftertaste bubbles like a quiet, brewing burp. The uncomfortable kind that causes strangers to leave before an apology can be formed – your words are trailed by the lingering bile and it’s already too late. I feel like a drunk cartoon character. Little bubbles float in the air outside my mouth and my hiccups have turned disastrous. An aftertaste that’s a little too bitter. Shaved citrus peels and burnt chocolate. Maybe if I chug the bottle, the effect will become pleasant. Or not. Who’s to say? I shouldn’t be a pessimist on a sunny day.

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