Espiral – Vinho Verde – White Wine


Vinho Verde – White Wine


When I saw the lime green bottle of wine, sitting scarily on the bottom shelf at the store, I knew I had to purchase it. It’s been a while since I found a bottle that frightened me. The twist off is an appropriate addition. Simple, yet obvious. What would a nuclear concoction taste like? Radioactive vino is a thing, yes? I had to know. A rush of adrenaline swept over my body and brain, and I tossed the bottle into my shopping basket before I chickened out. No need to overthink these things, especially my imminent doom.

I opened the bottle and immediately gagged on the cleaning-supplies smell that sprang into my nose. Not a great start. Lemony and sterile, I poured a glass with apprehension. My hands shook. Sweat formed on my brow. I took a moment to appreciate the dual-titles on this bottle. It is both green and white wine. God help me.

Appearances and smells are deceptive. This wine is fucking delicious. Holy shit. A watercress, Spritey splash of apple overwhelmed my palate. I swam in the cucumber haze. Light and airy. Honeydew in a good way. All tasty, green flavors, combined into a scary looking decoction.

I refuse to lie about my wine experiences. I didn’t mean to have a terrible reaction to the bottle opening. It was a startling experience. An abrupt puff of Windex to the face. However, I enjoyed this wine. It goes down like a green smoothie and leaves you wanting more.

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