Raymond Hill Chardonnay

Raymond Hill


Price: $4.99

Happy Summertime, everybody! I took a bit of a summer break, but fear not! I’ve returned to the world of bottom-shelf wine, where the vinegary swill sits in dusty bottles, awaiting my unfettered reach.

Upon first sip, I realized this is a thick chardonnay. There is an (almost) gloopy texture to the wine. Like saliva, but more buttery. Inoffensive in flavor. A little bold. Sharp. Distinct. A lake wine, for floating in the water on warm days. I don’t dislike it. I feel like a wood stirrer or a bundle of twigs could add an interesting twist. It needs a piney addition to round out this flavor journey.

I mostly used the wine to soak cedar planks for grilling salmon. (Om nom nom.) And, also for drinking. Because I ran out of finished the chardonnay, I ended up pairing a $10 pinot with the fish. Not too shabby, all things considered.

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