(Another) Fancy Wine Review

Fancy Wine from a Fancy Wine Bar

Montes, Carménère, Valle de Colchagua and Cremant du Jura (I think??)

Cost: $12 glass plus a freebie sampling

I must be honest, fellow winos… I have been on a craft beer kick lately. I won’t apologize, for it’s been a wonderful experience. More to come on that later.

I stumbled past a wine bar recently, drawn in by the delightful architecture and welcoming interior. It was a bit busy for a weekday afternoon (mostly yuppies dining with their families), but I had the bar to myself. The wine pourers and I became fast friends. I don’t know the protocol for revealing wine-bar names, as my intent wasn’t to do a shitty wine review, so I’ll keep it anonymous for now.

I had two wines at this wine bar. The first was a carménère.

It. Was. Amazing.

A delightful mix of smoky and silky, I quickly guzzled it down without taking notes. I appreciated the wine pourer for directing me to this wine (and for not recommending the most expensive glass option.) It never became overwhelming – instead, it took my on a flavorful journey with a tidy finish. The perfect red, I’d argue. The swirling colors and robust traces of wood and ash made me feel like a mighty warrior, settling in front of a fire. It kept me quite toasted, despite the summer heat.

The pink wine was also a surprise. I’m not usually a fan of pink wines – my rosé stint ended tragically (see the previous post) – and I was weary of treading further. Holy summertime joy, Batman. The other wine pouring friend gave me a sample tasting, saying it was his favorite. I can 100% see why. It tastes like a ballerina pirouetted all over my mouth, spreading sweet splashes of flowery brilliance. The sun shone a little brighter as I left the wine bar, though that may have been the alcohol.

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