Francis Coppola Diamond Collection – Rosé of Pinot Noir

Francis Coppola Diamond Collection

Rosé of Pinot Noir


Oh joy, another rosé.

Driving ten hours with a cat will drive anybody to drink. I am no exception. As my cat sniffed and explored the hotel room, I patted myself on the back for packing a twist-off top bottle of wine. I was exhausted yet determined to drink this wine.

Smells like bubbles and watermelon. I imagine drinking this wine at brunch or breakfast (or for breakfast.) I figured it would be acceptable, considering the price tag. I was excited to try a rosé/pinot noir blend. Oh, how unfortunately wrong I was.


Bitter and acidic. I barely finished my plastic cup’s worth of wine. Bubblegum bile to the extreme. It’s as if Barbie went full blowtorch on Ken’s plastic body, melting him into a bottle for consumption. Tastes like an elevator smells when ladies wear too much perfume. It sticks around, clinging to the air with pungent determination. Lingering, eye-watering pain. Spilt nail polish and frilly lace.

Yes, I needed a drink after driving for ten hours. I needed an even bigger drink after tasting this wine. I normally skip the rosé, but my rosé kick has been too good. Eventually, all things must end. I suppose my rosé groove has run its course.

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