Tribunal – Red Wine


Red Wine


I consider this wine a step above the others I’ve tried. Even the back-label has an in-universe story, full of happy critters drinking from the bottle. When a wine bottle puts in the effort, respect is rightfully due.

This next description will sound extra ridiculous, but here I go. This is a very wet wine. The liquid itself has a wetter complexion than I am used to. I have no other way to describe the sensation. It’s like opening your mouth when you’re underwater; no screaming required. A plum puddle that goes down easy. I drank this wine beneath the blood moon. They paired marvelously. While I sang obnoxious songs about sacrifice and blood (in jest, I swear), I felt empowered by this boozy (15% abv!) blend. I had a grand time swirling the wine in my glass, being a total bonafide weirdo. Better shared with friends.

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