Ténebrès G.S.M.

Ténebrès G.S.M.

34% Grenache, 33% Syrah, 33% Mourvèdre

Price: $5.99

I wasn’t sure if I’d like this wine. It’s always a gamble in this price range. What makes one $5.99 red blend better or worse than the other? Time to toss the dice and find out.

A rolling rumble of midnight oil leaves a slick first impression. Don’t let its flatness deceive you – the flavors are a subtle woodsy mystery, yours to fully explore. This is a midnight picnic wine, to be shared beneath a crescent moon. Falling flower petals lend an air of melancholy which swells with each sip. This wine is what I imagine a candle’s shadow tastes like. Painfully pleasant. A blushed burning, echoing the humble flame. Melted wax.

Poetry, shmoetry.

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