Baron Herzog – Cabernet Sauvignon

Baron Herzog

Cabernet Sauvignon


I usually like a nosey cab – one that obliterates your nostrils with various aromas and intriguing scents. Unfortunately, it can be a double-edged sword. I’m not sure what bizarre torture devices this particular baron favors, but I can only surmise they are especially cruel and twisted.

Asbestos wafts from beneath charred plaster. Bold. Breathtaking. Choking. Some notes of chocolate. Upon my first sip, I am reminded of checkers pieces. Ridged edges. Round flavor that has a bitter finish and a surprisingly bubbly aftertaste. It has hints of nature and metal – pewter, nickel, with garnishes of facial hair trimmings and twigs. I experienced an unusual boldness with each sip, crescendoing further into blunt madness. This cabernet truly weighs down the mouth, destroying tooth enamel and butchering the senses. Unkempt beneath the facade. I do not dare to venture further, lest I face the baron’s wrath.

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