Fitvine Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Sauvignon


So I broke my toe yesterday.

It has nothing to do with this wine, other than I have to take a short break from running. As this is a fitness-themed wine, I am feeling left out of the fun. It also rained all day in Los Angeles yesterday. I was truly looking forward to the post-rain sunshine today. Instead, I’m Miss Broken Toe, drinking my fitness cab and watching too much Netflix. I’d say I can’t complain, but I just did.

This cabernet starts light and airy, borderline whimsical. It’s definitely worth the extra dollars, especially compared to other cheap wines. A buttery red can be an unexpected delight. I am taken with the boldness below the surface, lurking like a predator stalking its prey. Am I the prey? I can’t tell. There’s a determined, grapey bite that ties the flavors together. A final swirl of earth and leaves and berry, whirlpooling into finality. I feel crushed and empty afterwards. In a way, this wine kicked my ass. I believe it was designed that way. Gurgling and red, destroyer of pain, maker of gains. The ultimate bro-tastic wine. A coach that both screams at you with rage and frustration, only to cry dramatically – beaming with pride – when you succeed.

tldr; Do some planks. Crunch some abs. Lift all the weights. Slam your bams. Vault the poles. Climb the mountains. Hunt sharks. Run as far as you can. Chug a bottle of this and do it all again.*

*Please don’t actually do any of this.

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