Big Churn – Chardonnay

Big Churn Chardonnay



This biting Chardonnay dried out my mouth like dehydrated grapes in an abandoned vineyard. I’m distinctly reminded of wooden planks for grilling salmon. Dry and woody.

The bark flavors linger for too long, leaving an intense reminder that you’re drinking Chardonnay.* I don’t hate Chards, but they easily rub me the wrong way. This one goes beyond their buttery and oaky promises – traversing into the spookiest, gnarliest forest with muddy trails and shadowy secrets.

It’s better if you chill it first. That being said, it took me three days to get through the bottle. Remarkably, the wine retained its flavor despite the passing of time. If you like cheap, albeit bold, chardonnays, you might actually enjoy this. While I wasn’t personally a fan, I don’t want to knock it either. Sometimes a mediocre wine is unremarkable. Sometimes it hangs around for too long.

(Something, something, all is subjective, and something, something I love wine.)


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