La Granja 360 – Red Blend

La Granja 360

Red Blend – 60% tempranillo, 40% garnacha



An avalanche of flavor awaits. There’s something amazing about Spanish red blends. I always enjoy them. This was no exception.

I thought this would have a minimalistic indie vibe. I was taken aback by the label. What sort of horrific paint is that? It’s existentially robotic, despite the zebra. However, my curiosity overwhelmed me and I fully committed to the weirdness that still befuddles me. Sometimes we need some befuddlement to break up the mundane.

The wine is an alarmingly bold rumbling of berries and tree bark, with squirts of lemon just below the surface. It plows forward with (what seems to be) unyielding ash and smoke. Holy red blend, wineos. An odd dichotomy of earth and plastic, I consider it a full pummeling of painted glory. Soil and granite. It does a lot with a little.

Appropriately spicy. Drink it decanter-ed* or straight from the bottle.

*(official wine verbiage)

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