Dearly Beloved I Thee Red – Red Blend

Dearly Beloved I Thee Red – Red Blend – 2019


This wine issssss… not… good. Like, at all. “Terrible” is the recurring word in my notes, except it’s in all caps and has multiple, aggressive exclamation points. It’s a bad dinner party leaving the host crying in the hallway. A movie that gets spoiled while you wait in line at the movie theater. Your date behaving embarrassingly rude to the waiter. Simply put, I had a bad time with this wine. There’s a bitter punch that overloads your taste buds long into the evening. No lingering joy or shift into something more complex – only disappointing solitude. A soured night that leaves your soul feeling disillusioned. Pairs with pickled turnips or jars of beets or crooked bowties or upset frowns. If you want to ruin your holiday season, I highly recommend bringing a few bottles along for the ride.

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