Prophecy Wines – High Priestess Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Prophecy Wines – High Priestess Sauvignon Blanc


Okay, the artwork for this wine label is beautiful. I would genuinely consider getting a tattoo of this wine label. I do not like cheap white wine. Cheap white wine = Brittany has a headache the next day. Cheap white wine = blegh, 99% of the time.

It smells like someone tried to mask rubbing alcohol with pine sol. The stringent astringent waffs feel like cataclysmic doom on my nostrils. A residual effect from the sterile casks used to brew the witchy concoction. Floral dread you only find in funeral parlors. I hope that smell is merely the Grim Reaper’s bad perfume, latently hovering above the dead. I’ll make sure to apologize if I’ve offended him (or her), as it probably was a gift and not indicative of their terrible taste. On a different note, the wine has a lovely color; it’s almost transparent. I’m not getting ghostly vibes per se, but there seems to be more going on.

Anyway, the wine isn’t terrible. Pungent and intense, but not too fruity or dry or offensive. Sauvignon Blanc is the fanciest of all wine names, but that doesn’t mean it’s fancy by default. Peach and grapefruit forward. Salty and lemony fresh aftertastes. Spring harvest vibes. I don’t hate it. If I liked white wine, I’d probably enjoy this one. Zingy fun for a hot, summer day perhaps. Not a December wine.

Bonus points for having a twist-off top.

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