14 Hands Stampede – Red Blend – 2016

14 Hands Winery – Stampede

“Bold” Red Blend


I consider this wine an inconsistent, uncomfortably bitter autumn blend. Mulled leaves and old cranberries. Burnt branches. Crispy bacon. I’m not understanding the horse connection. It’s not nearly intense enough. Nothing is stampeding out of this bottle, into your desperate mouth. I’m not running under the open skies. I’m on the “Are You Still Watching?” screen of my preferred streaming service, wearing yesterday’s sweatpants. Like, it’s “fine” and I’m “fine” and I definitely finished the bottle. I must warn you, it’s not going to blow your mind. I wish I had drank a good bottle of wine before drinking this one. I probably would have enjoyed it more (or barfed from drinking two bottles of wine.) Smells like burberry and wax. Maybe it aged a little too long, this dusty bottom shelf bottle. Maybe it should have remained sealed, as the winds of time spin and the wine inside the bottle turns into vinegar.

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