Charles Shaw | 2014 California – Shiraz

Charles Shaw – 2014 California – Shiraz


Happy National Wine Day, faithful drinkers!!

My original (better?) plan was to get both a red wine and a white wine as a double feature in honor of this wonderful holiday.

And then I remembered I’m broke and have no money. But then! I remembered that I had taxes to do. So I did those, like a functioning adult should. Awesome! Except I have to wait 2-3 weeks for my refund to deposit, so alas (re: fuck!) I am still broke.

So I thought, Damn. How am I supposed to review shitty wine on National Wine Day??! I have to. I must.

Lucky for you, I am a mild alcoholic and had a 2/3 finished bottle of Shiraz from Trader Joe’s . Hoorah! I can review away! Plus I can get out of drinking white wine! Double hoorah!

Now… here’s the thing. I do have one rule about my blog, and that is not to review the cheap, shitty wine I drink on the reg. It just feels wrong to me. I don’t want to betray the familiars. Ugh. I was going to finish it anyway though, so….

Today, in the spirit of the holiday, I am going to break said rule and review this not-so-two-buck chuck. Cheers!


Burgundy, thick and heavy – it reminds me of my old car. A 1992 Buick LeSabre. Comfortable, with a hint of fake wood paneling. Smells a bit smokey. Wrinkles your nose. A reliable cheapness. Drink it under the moonlight to the Talking Heads, and feel better about not breaking the bank. This one’s better than their cabernet and merlot, but gets old quick. It’s important to change it up. I want to keep it in the rotation as long as I can. There’s a bitter tang on the tongue and pairs well with a hipster-like poverty.


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  1. That is soooooo cheating. I wanted a white wine review!

    I bought two wines tonight. I splurged on a $25 Argentine Malbec and some cheap rot-gut white for cooking. Actually, I impressed myself. Woodbridge Pinot Grigio. Certainly on the budget end, but not bad. It had the citrus notes I wanted for my zoodle concoction, and was reasonably drinkable on its own (so I have something to switch to when I get tired of my Franzia chillable red in a box).

    The malbec… A 2013 Catena. I see now what I have been missing by cheaping out on my wines. Easily the best red I have ever tasted. Also on pace to be gone in one night, so I obviously can’t make good wine a habit. Pairs wonderfully with Cadbury milk chocolate mini eggs.

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