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Before I begin, I think it’s necessary to explain my absence. My goal is to publish two reviews a month – every other week, basically. Easy enough. The wine is cheap, my writing mediocre. Not hard to do.

But I am also a shitty writer with a shitty blog about shitty wine. I am not the best at setting goals, even when I get to drink and ramble.

So, my 12 faithful readers, I am not here to make apologies. I am ashamed of my lack of resolve, and hereinby resolve to invent words and continue to review wine for us broke ass bitches to drink on a Monday night.



The label says Cherry Blossom. The label lies.

There’s a striking burning blueberry sensation… but that could just be the high acidic level. My palate is confused. It burns – a strong yet bubbly sort of heat. Reminds me of a War Head and makes my face all puckery. Once that bizarre feeling paces, you are left with a medley of burnt oak and dried flowers. Potpourri tastes better if you’re bored enough. Really chalks up the back of your throat.


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  1. I completely disagree. This is one of the best tasting, cheaply priced wines out least from Trader Joe’s.

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