Beringer | Red Crush

Beringer – Red Crush – Red Blend


The label boasts “12-Time Top 100 Winery of the Year – Wine and Spirits” so my expectations were spectacularly high. Along with the name Red Crush, there was so much mystery building up to the tasting. Would it be sweet? Savory? Fruity? Dry? Would this wine literally crush my tongue?! I hoped not; but at least the wine-makers put the warning out in case the unfortunate did happen. It’s a bit nerve-wracking to have something so dire on an otherwise unassuming label.

Nobody really knows what to expect when you blindly choose a wine out of the grocery store alcohol aisles. A dusty bottle on a dusty bottom shelf. No twist off top this time – I’d actually have to work to try this blend. I felt like I was being teased.

Smelled a bit watery, but most shitty wines do.

Cloudy and sour. Reminds me of when you take a bubble bath, but the bubbles have mixed into the water so it’s a weird murky color and you accidentally swallow a mouthful. Is that normal? I’m not here to question these things. A ripe mouthful of tainted raspberries and burnt tree bark. I came out alive and uncrushed, and finished the bottle – I learned in college it is unwise to throw away alcohol, and stick to that belief. To be honest, I am not really convinced there was alcohol in the bottle; just wasted dreams and improper labeling.



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