Three Wishes | Merlot

Three Wishes Merlot


I don’t even like Merlot, but I drank it right up. For $3, not a bad purple drink. I was visiting my friend in Chicago, so she picked up a bottle. It was very off-putting to find something so cheap in a city of overpriced wares and fares. The wine paired well with all-you-can-eat sushi, which is apparently 18 sushis in my case. If we didn’t eat all the sushis we chose, we would have to pay for the leftovers – I treated the wine the same way except we had already paid for the bottle; anything left over was just a waste of alcohol. I struggled with this one. It was a battle of stamina and pure determination, both of which I have little. But I fucking did it – I ate all my sushis. I drank all my wine.

three wishes merlot

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